Shipadmin DP Log

It is an industry requirement and a good practice to log all events taking place when performing different DP operations. It is often awkward and time consuming to write logs the traditional way when sitting in the operator chair. We have done something about it, and developed a program which log activities with the ease of a click.
The program also gives valuable information to the DP operator concerning all down lines and gear in use, which have influence on the operation. The vessel layout displayed on the screen helps the operator in making a decision of the safest way of moving the vessel without getting in conflict with down lines and overboard gear in use.

Examples of gear in use which can be displayed are HPR poles, drop down thrusters, tool winches, cranes, diving bells, clump weights, taut wires, A-frames etc.

All gear in use will be displayed in red color which gives the operator a visual warning. The log has predefined phrases which populate the log with the ease of a click but is also flexible and allows the operator to make his own comments if needed.

The contradictory about making logs is that when a log is most needed, the operator does not have time to write it; with the DP log installed all entries are made with the ease of a click and allows the operator to stay focused on his main tasks.

After an incident, it is most valuable to have a correct log showing the different events which took place, and the correct times. Based on the log you can perform a qualified investigation of the incident and see if there are lessons to be learnt and finding the root cause.