Shipadmin Smart Induction and Video Production

Smart Induction

This product will revolutionize the way you populate the vessel. The process of planning different projects requires a lot of cooperation between different organizations both at sea and at shore. Now you can make the embarkation procedure easier!

The system consists of a specially designed web page where your supernumerous/project crew can register. By approval, the information will automatically be transferred into the vessel database. When the person arrives at the Gangway, all information will be ready, and the boarding process is done by a mouse.

  1. Save valuable time on board/ashore
  2. Let the project crew register their own data
  3. Get more accurate data
  4. Reduce risk of misspelling important data
  5. Create a good “marketing space” for the vessel
  6. Create a good “marketing space” for the vessel

Video Production

Let Shipadmin produce your safety induction videos!

Many Ship Owners want a better grip on the Safety Induction Process as part of their struggle to comply with the ISM code. We can make a video customized for the ship owner and specific vessel.

Many clients also want the Safety Induction video paced on this page. The arriving crew/personnel can do the Safety Induction for specific vessels, in good time before she embarks.

The video will guide through important safety issues such as:
  1. Smoke, drug and alcohol policies
  2. Alarm situations, General Alarm, Fire alarm, man overboard
  3. Permit-to-work procedures
  4. Incident reporting and observations
  5. Client-specific themes

The basic script is written by experienced marine officers with in-depth knowledge of the ISM-code. This script is then tailored to the specific use at the vessel in cooperation with the ship-owner/vessel. The recording will be done by professional photographers with long experience. This will secure a seamless and professional production.

We can deliver one or several languages specified by the client: English, Spanish, Portuguese.