Event Report

Shipadmin yet again let the users decide the features when developing a new module. We send a great "Thank you" to our involved customers for sharing knowledge and for your participation during the spec and the design phase.

Customer Expectations

A module that is user-friendly for both users ashore and on the vessels with input fields that is dynamically adjusted to suit the complexity of the report and to capture minor observations to serious accidents.

The new Event Report lets you set user access levels on sections containing sensitive data, hiding away information that is restricted.

We now also include Control Actions and Audit. An action point-list, or Control actions, can be created to any event where it can be addressed to individuals or positions. If you choose to include control actions, you can also set up a person responsible for the section. The responsible person will receive a notification by email.

You can add pictures and have as many attachments as required.

Choose to show the statistics on a vessel, group and fleet level, or combine these together for complete overview. The statistics also have a detailed graphical overview

The Event report is designed for both printing and screen views and integrated with your own company’s logo. Rules can be set up with email alerts to responsible person(s).

Audit Log

The Audit module is both for internal and external audits and it gives a full control of all associated findings and statuses for both ashore and on board audits. The Event Report can be linked to an audit for monitoring occurrences and control actions carried out, this allows you to create any kind of observations in the normal reporting system.

Total Recordable Case Frequency (TRCF) & Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF)

We have also implemented a TRCF tracker. The tool has been integrated as a part of our event reporting system. Based on the selections made in the event report module, the dynamic process will recognize when a recordable case has occurred. The office will be able to track TRCF on vessel and fleet level in an easy-to understand overview. All reports connected to recordable cases are available along with the summaries and calculation.

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