Shipadmin Gangway Security App

Gone are the days when you have to contact the gangway security at the quayside to get an update on who is on board and not. No more paper print out, T-cards, and pegs to have an overview of persons onboard updates.

Solutions are painstakingly developed to accurately monitor entries and exits of all personnel in situations like W2W and boat landing, by means of Shipadmin Gangway Security (SGS)

Should there be a need for visitors to be registered and counted as persons on board, SGS has the ability to do such.

Security has never been so thorough. Using the SGS system, only valid cards issued to personnel are granted access to IN and OUT of the ship. An unauthorized card will be flagged with an alert to prevent the entry of the holder.

Vessel’s need in identifying persons still on board, in case of emergency situations such as fire, can immediately be responded to, as the tablet can display the full list of personnel on board and not onboard. Such a feature is of utmost importance in critical times.

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