Digitize your DP entries with Shipadmin DP Log

Shipadmin's electronic DP Log with a graphical overview showing all downlines or equipment restricting the operation. Replace a paper-based log and collect entries into a digital format to share with all stakeholders.

Shipadmin has taken its successful DP Log into a new platform where we combine the best of available technologies. We have added a lot of new functionalities, but we have not compromised on the well-known user-friendliness.

As always, we have involved and listened to our users in the development process, the result is a tablet with tailor-made software powered by the Android operating system. The user interface takes into account what functionalities should always be easily available for a busy DP operator and which functions that can be more hidden using our dynamic screen.

Full flexibility showing downlines and equipment with different actions. You can predefine action text in a user-friendly interface. The Shipadmin DP log has also a speech-to-text functionality to log all events easily. Our new DP Log introduces the person and you can pin down hours in the hot seat. The DP Log also logs the online time and the system will count the vessel’s DP hours in total and on a project basis. DP records are in the same format as the IMCA DP logbook that can be signed digitally on the tablet. If your vessel uses a personal RFID card, you can use that card for login and print personal DP records that can be signed digitally by the master or others if required.

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