Audit Logs

Struggling to organize the closing of audits?

Shipadmin`s audit module is all you need to track internal and external audits. Connect all the associated documents to a specific audit and track all the findings in a systematic manner. The audit module is connected to Shipadmins "Event Report", this allows you to create any kind of observations in the normal reporting system and connect it to specific audit.

In the audit list you will get the full overview on the status of all audits, the number of open and closed items are clearly displayed. By one click you will get access to all the findings that will be ready for your comments, or your final closing action. Print or download all closing actions as evidence for the final closing process towards the auditing company or client.

A really useful tool to follow up the progress of audits in a systematic process until a complete closing of the audit is achieved. All made so user friendly that you will not need to consult the user manual prior to start using it.

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