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Shipadmin POB Solutions

Our philosophy:

Our Personnel-on-Board (POB) solutions are based on zone control using RFID technology

One card for all purposes!

We make systems that fit together. One ID card is used for several purposes and controlled by one software.

  1. As an ID card with company name, company logo, name, position and photo of person
  2. To get access at the gangway
  3. To get access to the cabin
  4. To get access to restricted areas
  5. As electronic head-count at musterstation
  6. To register meals.
  7. To register laundry services
  8. To register participation in mandatory drills
  9. To register participation in mandatory meetings

When the crewmember disembark, the card will no longer be valid onboard. If the person lost his the card it can easily be replaced with a new one, making the old ID card invalid.

The system uses Shipadmin Vessel Manager as its managing software. This means that no "third party" software is needed to run the system. All readers are directly connected to the Shipadmin Vessel Manager

The system are tailored to your needs. Please see different options of equipment and technical solutions.


  • Shipadmin Gangway SecurityOpen or Close

    Shipadmin deliver various solutions for electronic registration/access at vessel gangway and/or into accommodation.

    All online solution makes it possible for the officers to monitor in real time when crew/personnel embark or disembark at the gangway or any other locations covered by RFID readers.

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  • Shipadmin Muster ReadersOpen or Close

    Shipadmin deliver various solutions for electronic registration of crew/personnel on muster station. All four options is based on RFID technology and option 2, 3 and 4 can be combined with manual registration locally on muster station (In case personnel show up without card). Option 1 require manual input directly from software i.e. at bridge computer.

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  • Electronic Cabin LocksOpen or Close

    The Electronic Cabin Lock is integrated with the Shipadmin software

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  • ID-Card Production KitOpen or Close

    The system also contains equipment and software-module to create ID-Cards. You take a photo and create the card in one easy operation. You can create ID-Card for the crew with name and personal information. You can also make standard "Visitor" ID-cards. In the system, you can easily de-activate cards if needed.

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  • AccessoriesOpen or Close

    We deliver all you need of accessories needed for producing and use ID cards and wristbands.

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