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Developed by Mariners for Mariners

Who we are

Shipadmin AS is a Norwegian ICT company specializing in administrative solutions for vessels and rigs.

Our staff is highly dedicated, hard working and motivated. Among them, we have people with long experience as sailing officers on some of the most complex vessels in the business. We are proud to say that we know this industry and understand its needs.

Our main focus is on the needs of the modern vessel fleet throughout the world. Some of the biggest and most innovative vessel owners in the world rely on our products in their everyday work, both at sea and shore.


is the keyword for Shipadmin’s solutions.

We have taken into account that every ship has its own requirements. Our solutions can be tailored to suit your vessel and company. We invest a lot of effort into making our systems user friendly. Our solutions are developed BY mariners FOR mariners, hence our strong focus on user friendliness. Our customers find it easy to use our solutions even without any previous knowledge.

Our headquarters are situated in Møre at the North-west coast of Norway. Most of Norway’s strength in the field of advanced marine operations is concentrated within an hour’s drive from the office. The region is home for an impressive constellation of over 200 leading maritime companies and training, research and finance institutions that form one of very few complete maritime clusters in the world.

The FactsShipadmin was established in 2007. In a relatively short period of time we have made many achievements to be proud of.

People in Motion

ReferencesHere's a list of some of our clients. If you want to talk to references within our clients, please contact us.

Together Everyone Achieves More

Through Shipadmin, I have been able to use my experience of 30 years at sea and 14 years as a captain to inspire me to make ship board life more simplified. I have the pleasure of working with a team of talented programmers at Shipadmin who are able to turn my ideas into Functional software.

In the development process it is very important for us to stay in close contact with our customers who are marine professionals both at sea and ashore.

T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More

- Captain Stig M. Larsen

Business Development Manager